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"If you want a man who wants to be the one who'll climb the highest mountain, swims the widest sea—If you want a man who'll be there on rainy days or the heat of the desert - then come with me."
Jack Grimm

We’re gearing up to get back in the studio for  recording our upcoming CD.  We will have a new mix of baby boomer  classics and many originals for you to enjoy.

Some of the revues given about our performances...

"Jack sings with passion and style, truly Americana."

"A romantic at heart, his lyrics bring a story to life."

"What a great night of music.  You guys blow me away with your musicianship and you just have so much fun."

"Your song selection is fresh.  A great mix."

We  have a great mix of original music along with out of the ordinary  boomer classics by Grand Funk, Bob Wills, Michael Martin Murphey, Ben E  King, Sam and Dave, Joe Cocker and more.  The covers we do just aren't  done by most bands. Our original songs cause people to think outside  the lines.  Come hear us, enjoy the evening, maybe even get up and  dance.

Thanks to inspiring writers and vocal influences like  Rodney Crowell, Brook Benton and Michael MacDonald and so many others,  "I learned what soulful writing was through their songs." Jack points  out. "Songwriters who have something uplifting and purposeful to say are  the ones who have influenced me the most.  I write about life's  experiences and try to paint a good picture to carry with you as you  listen."

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, the stories Jack  Grimm paints are priceless", says one listener.


"There has to be days like this, I'll say  truck, she'll say Lamborghini - days like this, I'll say steak, she'll  say linguine.  Cheeseburger and french fries, she complains, says it  goes straight to her thighs.  It's way too deep to scrutinize for a man  like me."  Jack Grimm

Today, Jack is a husband, father,  commercial and fine art artist and graphic designer, thrilled at doing what he believes he  has been gifted to do: write and sing the songs that touch people's  lives.

"There is power in music and art - to cause tears, provoke  thought and bring about action," Jack says. "The more I write, the more  renewed I feel."

"I strive to be a positive role model for my  sons.  I've learned that because of our words and deeds we can either  heal or hurt, lift up or tear down, cause joy or pain." He continues, "I  make the conscious choice to help heal hurts and bring some calm to a  sometimes calamitous world."